Z2 Manual

Welcome and congratulations!

If you are reading this then you are now the proud owner of our new Z2 automatic wrist watch.


We would like to thank you for your trust, your interest and your support of our brand and our philosophy in which we highly value your opinion every step of the way, so please get in touch with us at any time and share your thoughts and ideas with us.
Please allow me to introduce to you, the new Zentier Z2.
Now, I could tell you that this watch went through countless design stages and prototypes, being tweaked and adjusted over and over again. However, that would be a lie! Truth be told, the watch you hold in your hands now is in fact 100% true to the original design and the original prototype. We are extremely proud of having brought this to life and we hope your new Z2 will bring you a tremendous amount of joy when you wear it through the adventures of your life.
Here are some points to take note on when it comes to keeping your Z2 watch safe.
1. How to change the time. 
Hold and rotate the crown anti-clockwise until you feel a release in the crown. Then, proceed to pull out gently in the crown using two fingers and be careful not to apply any sideways pressure as this could damage the pin. When you feel the crown click again release the pull. You will now be able to change the time by simply rotating the crown clock-wise or anti-clockwise. When you have set the time simply push gently on the crown and you will feel the crown give a little. Now you will have to apply constant pressure while at the same time rotating the crown clock-wise in order to screw down the crown to its original position.
2. Please ensure that the screw down crown is always firmly tightened when you are not changing the time. You do that by pressing in and rotating the crown clock-wise while maintaining a slight pressure towards the case. Only when the crown is firmly tightened the watch will be waterproof.
3. Please do not attempt to unscrew the bezel as you could compromise the structure of the case and the water resistance, possibly resulting in damaging the movement. 
4. Interchangeable straps. 
All our straps comes with a quick-release function making it easy to quickly interchange straps without the use of tools. Simply with your nail squeeze the quick-release pin and twist to detach the strap. 
Please ensure the new strap is securely and properly installed as failing to do so could result in damage to your watch.