The Time Traveler - Black/Grey

Time travelling in style!

The Time Traveler is a portable carry case for your watches and can hold up to 3 watches separated and protected by dividers so each watch can be removed separately. 

We could spend all day explaining to you the outstanding quality and craftsmanship of these beautiful watch cases, in stead we will let you judge for yourself. 

Years of experience and countless watch box purchases has lead us to know a thing or two about what separates the best from the rest. 

The watch roll that doesn't roll!

The hexagon shape makes for the perfect watch roll! It's shape helps stabilise the case and ensures that it sits flat on the table keeping your watches safe and in place both when the case is open as well as closed. 

Placement is everything 

When opening the watch case fully, the cover folds out and acts as a soft padded suede tray for jewellery or as a small work area for you to comfortably change straps on your watches. 

We have designed this watch case in the true spirit of ZENTIER, as the obsessed watch lovers that we are - that means its made with you in mind! It's thought out and designed in our unique way because we wanted to be able to have the experience of the watches facing forward whenever the case is open - as if on display. The angle of placement of the watches inside the watch case is what gives this case its character and sets it apart from other similar cases.


  • $229.00